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Abagail Sully
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Race: White
Born: 1839
Died: 1865
Age: 26
Husband: Byron Sully
Parents: Loren Bray

Maude Bray

Children: Hanna Sully
Other family: Olive Davis (Aunt)
Dorothy Jennings (Aunt)
Production Details
Actor: Megan Gallivan
First Appearance: Halloween
Last Appearance: Halloween
Episode Count: 1

Abagail Sully (Born Bray) (1839-1865) was the daughter of Loren and Maude Bray. She married Byron Sully against her father's wishes and died in childbirth along with her baby Hanna before the series began. Her ghost haunts Dr. Mike one Halloween and tells her to leave the home that Sully built for Abagail.

Vital Information[]

  • Daughter of Loren & Maude Bray
  • Wife of Byron Sully (married when she was 18)
  • Arranged engagement with Martin Anderson
  • was headstrong
  • Mother of Hanna
  • Died giving birth to Hanna in 1865 aged 26

Family Tree[]

Loren Bray
Maude Bray
Abagail Sully
Byron Sully
Dr. Michaela Quinn
Hanna Sully
Katie Sully