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Season 6, Episode 18
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Air date 18 Apr 1998
Written by Joel Ziskin
Directed by Bethany Rooney
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Birdman is the eighteenth episode of Season 6 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and the one hundred thirty-sixth episode of the series.
Martin Chesterfield, who calls himself Avishominis, is found in the woods by Matthew and Brian shows up in town and is befriended by Brian. Dr. Mike is afraid Brian will get hurt due to Brian's history of wanting to fly, and Mr. Chesterfield believing he's a bird. Even covering himself with feathers, sleeping in a nest, and pecking at his food. When Dr. Mike learns he escaped from in insane asylum in New York, she has trouble deciding if she should send him back, or allow him to continue living out his delusion freely.


  • Story Arc: The Separation, part 13 of 16. Sully isn't seen in this episode. Arc in background.
  • Character Arc: Daniel Simon, part 9 of 15.
  • Avis is Latin for bird and hominis is Latin for the human classification
  • Martin walked out of Bellevue
  • Martin and Preston met at Martin's sister's wedding reception in New York
  • First season 6 episode set in winter.
  • Note: This episode was aired out of order. Chronologically this episode takes place after the episode Civil Wars but before the episode Safe Passage. There are background extras dressed as Army Soldiers wearing lite blue winter coats patrolling the town. Also in one scene, the Army encampment is seen in the background next to the walking bridge. Homecoming sees the Army encampment being torn down. While there are other episodes that show the Army wearing the lite blue winter coat, this is the only one that shows Army Soldiers on patrol wearing the coat as seen in the episode Safe Passage.


  • Martin Chesterfield - cut on head after trying to fly

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