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Blood Poisoning (or sepsis) occurs after an infection when the body's defenses to fight the infection lead to the whole body becoming inflamed. It can occur with any infection, but most commonly occurs with pneumonia, abdominal infections, kidney infections, or blood infections (bacteremia).

It's also called septicemia.


  • Fever above 101.3F (38.5C) or below 95F (35C)
  • heart rate above 90 beats/minute
  • respritory rate above 20 breaths/minute
  • probable or confirmed infection

Severe Sepsis[]

Only need 1 of the following symptoms to be considered a severe form of sepsis

  • areas of mottled skin
  • significantly decreased urin output
  • abrupt change in mental status
  • difficulty breathing
  • abnormal heart function


From what the show suggests all that could be done was to try to keep the patient comfortable back then.

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