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Byron Sully
Sully normal
Biographical Information
Real Name: Byron Sully
Nickname: Sully
Status: Alive
Race: White
Occupation: Miner (former)
Indian Agent (former)
Born: 1834 (possibly)
Age: 33-39
Wife: Dr. Michaela Quinn

Abagail Sully

Children: Matthew Cooper (Adopted)

Colleen Cooper (Adopted)
Brian Cooper (Adopted)
Katie Sully (Daughter)
Unnamed child † (miscarried)
Hanna Sully(Daughter)

Family: Unnamed brother †
Production Details
Actor: Joe Lando
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: The Heart Within
Episode Count: 149

Byron Sully (most commonly called Sully) is a mountain man and friend to the Cheyenne, who is played by Joe Lando. He is the husband of Dr. Michaela Quinn, father of Katie Sully and adoptive father of Matthew, Colleen, and Brian Cooper. His best friends are Cloud Dancing and Daniel Simon.

Early life[]

Byron Sully is born on a ship somewhere between England and America to Mr. Sully, a regular farmer, and his wife, Mrs. Sully. When they move to New York, Mr. Sully misses working on the land and dies. Mrs. Sully cannot cope with it and drowns herself in the Hudson River when Sully is ten. After he has lost both his parents, Sully meets Daniel Simon who becomes his best friend. They grow up at the docks together and in 1859 go to Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs to work as miners, in the hope of finding gold. In the summer of 1859, when working in a silver mine near Cripple Creek, Sully is trapped in a cave-in for 22 days and Daniel digs him out, saving his life. In Colorado Springs, Sully meets Abagail Bray and Daniel moves on. Sully and Abagail fall in love and marry against her father's wishes and Sully builds a homestead for her outside of town. Abagail gets pregnant, but she dies in childbirth along with the baby, Hanna, in 1865. After his tragic loss, Sully joins the army, in the hope of dying in the war. He becomes a sniper and his first target is a confederate major. Sully is told that the man is working on explosives and that killing him would save many lives. Sully kills the man, but feels very guilty about it. He finds out that the man had family and that he has been lied to. The major was not working on explosives but was a business man. With his death, the war contracts and his money going to his rival. Sully deserts and goes back to Colorado Springs, where he joins the Cheyenne and adopts their way of life.


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  • "Speaking the truth is what makes people trust you." (Father's Day)
  • "Dr. Mike is a mighty strong force of nature" (Giving Thanks)
  • "Hating him isn't going to hurt him a bit. It's only going to hurt you." (Cooper vs. Quinn)
  • When Preston asks him why he saved him, "If you don't know by now, you never will." (Dead or Alive, Part 2)

Family Tree[]

Mr. Sully †
Mrs. Sully †
Abagail Sully
Byron Sully
Dr. Michaela Quinn
Hanna Sully
Katie Sully