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Cattle Drive
Season 3, Episode 3 & 4
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Air date 8 Oct 1994

15 Oct 1994

Written by Sara Davidson

Josef Anderson

Directed by Chuck Bowman
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Cattle Drive is the third and fourth episodes Season 3 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, the forty-fourth and forty-fifth episodes of the series, and the first 2 part episode in the series.

When they hear Miss Olive is sick, Dr. Mike and several citizens of Colorado Springs head to Old Mexico. When they get there however, they learn that she passed on and they inherited something from her via her will. After working years for Miss Oliver Davis, Jesse and Nick are surprised when she leaves everything to her Godson Matthew, who knows nothing about cows. When the head rancher leaves them to go back to Mexico, they see their opportunity. Matthew refuses to listen to the advice and knowledge of Sully. This results in lives being endagered, including Dr. Mike's. Jesse plays up his feelings for Colleen. Later the boys create a stampede, stealing 20 cows, as well as Colleen's locket she got when Miss Oliver died. They are soon found by Matthew who threatens to kill them if they ever steal from him again. He also takes back his sister's locket.

Inheritance (Part One)[]

  • Pako Romero - ranch in Mexico
  • Loren - ranch in CO and her interest in the General Store
  • Matthew - herd of cattle
  • Brian and Colleen - put away money for their education
  • Brian - silver trimmed saddle
  • Colleen - gold pocket watch 
  • Grace - interest in the Cafe
  • Dr. Mike - broach


  • Plot Device Arc: Brian saves an animal. Animal saved: baby cow of which he becomes responsible for.  Brian first saved an animal, a deer, in Law of the Land. He next saved animals, an eagle and a horse, in Luck of the Draw  and The Abduction , respectively.
  • Character Arc: Olive Davis, part 11 of 11, epilogue. Death of Olive Davis. Died of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Part One[]

  • Dr. Mike, Sully and family, along with Robert E, Grace, and Loren drive the cattle (Colleen and Grace in the wagon)
  • Olive was Matthew's godmother
  • Olive is buried along the trail due to her wishes
  • Jesse, a cowhand, plays to Colleen's affections
  • Everybody is taught to rope a cow. While learning, Dr. Mike ropes Sully.
  • A prairie fire threatens the cattle drive at the end of the first part.
  • Cattle Drive (part one) has no scenes in Colorado Springs. The only other time there are no scenes in Colorado Springs is in the second movie Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman: The Heart Within.

Part Two[]

  • The horses that are pulling the wagon won't go through the fire until Sully ushers them through while riding the horses.
  • Brian follows Matthew when he sneaks off to go after the rustlers against Sully's orders.
  • Colleen still doesn't believe Jesse tricked, and doesn't love her even when Matthew pulls out the pocket watch that Olive left for her.
  • Matthew starts to work with Sully. Michaela and Sully still recognize Matthew as the trail leader.
  • Colorado Springs is only seen at the end of Cattle Drive (part two).


Part One[]

Part Two[]

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