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Civil Wars
Season 6, Episode 10
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Air date 6 Dec 1997
Directed by Jerome R. London
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A Time to Heal, Part 2
Safe Passage

Civil Wars is the tenth episode of Season 6 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and the one hundred twenty-eighth episode of the series.

After Hank accidentally hits Horace in the nose, resulting in a trip to the clinic. Matthew tells Horace something he has learned from studying the law such that Horace has the legal right to have Hank pay his medical bills from Michaela.

Meanwhile, Dorothy finds the original deed for the telegraph office. When that's compared to the deed for Grace's cafe, it's found that a portion of the land that's occupied by Grace's cafe is in both deeds. This turns into a dispute between Dorothy and Grace.

After they send for the judge to settle these two matters, Loren claims that he was crippled due to a fall at Preston's hotel and sues for negligence. In an attempt to get Preston to pay for holding him to his "double your money back guarantee."

When a judge can't come, Dr. Mike is appointed proxy judge and must hear and rule on all 3 cases herself.


  • Story Arc: The Separation, part 12 of 16. Sully isn't seen in this episode as such the arc is in the background. The next episode in "The Separation" arc is the episode Birdman.
  • Story Arc: Grace and Robert E.’s Grief, part 3 of 7. Grace has stopped taking the tonic, and switched to drinking whiskey, and is trying to hide it.
  • Character Arc: Daniel Simon, part 10 of 15. Daniel arrests Hank after making a criminal complaint (pressing charges) after Hank intentionally hit Horace a second time.
  • Dr. Mike is chosen as people's court judge (proxy judge) because Loren, Hank, and Robert E. see her as the only one everybody will listen to. Jake is out of town. Dr. Mike presides over Grace vs. Dorothy, Horace vs. Hank, and Preston vs. Loren.


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