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Claudette Quinn

Claudette Quinn is the daughter of Josef and Elizabeth Quinn and the sister of Rebecca, Marjorie, Maureen and Michaela. She does not approve of Michaela becoming a doctor and when Michaela treats their mother behind Dr. Hansen's back, Claudette and Maureen are appalled but are grateful to Michaela for saving their mother's life. Claudette also does not approve of Michaela's warm behavior toward their servants. When Michaela asks a maid for her name, Claudette thinks that Michaela embarrassed the maid. She does not think very highly of servants and calls them an "unstable lot". Her married name is never told in the series.

Family Tree[]

Theodore Quinn
Josef Quinn
Elizabeth Quinn
Carlton Quinn †
Marjorie Quinn
Rebecca Dickinson
Maureen Quinn
Claudette Quinn
Dr. Michaela Quinn
Byron Sully
Katie Sully