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Colonel Chivington
[[Image:Col Chivington|center|250px]]
Biographical Information
Real Name: John Chivington (found elsewhere)
Status: Unknown
Race: White
Occupation: Colonel in US Army
Born: January 27, 1821 (found elsewhere)
Died: 1894 (found elsewhere)
Age: 45
Production Details
Actor: Adrian Sparks
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Pilot
Episode Count: 1

A Colonel in the U.S. Army fighting Indians. This character is based on a real person.

Vital Information[]

  • Hates the Indians.
  • In Epidemic we learn that he was reprimanded after the Sand Creek Massacre & replaced with General Custer


  • Pilot - He takes some land away from the Indians in a "peace treaty."


  • "I am fully satisfied that to kill the red rebel is the only way to have peace and quiet." (Pilot)

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