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Cooper vs Quinn
Season 3, Episode 17
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Air date 4 Feb 1995
Written by Sara Davidson
Directed by Chuck Bowman Daniel Attias
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Cooper vs. Quinn is the sixteenth episode of Season 3 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, the fifty-seventh episode of the series, and the fifth 2 hour special.

Dr. Mike and Sully, with the children's approval, have decided to officially adopt them. Since Mr. Cooper, their biological father, is still alive, they place notices in several papers, not really expecting him to see one them. However, he does and comes to town with his new wife Lillian. Mr. Cooper agrees to the adoption, until they learn Lillian can't have children since she doesn't have a uterus. Then he changes his mind due to his father-in-law having a lot of money to will to his grandchildren and Lilian is an only child.

Dr. Mike and Sully sue for custody; the judge rules in favor of Mr. Cooper and places Colleen and Brian with him. Colleen and Brian run away, with the intention of staying hidden until Mr. Cooper and Lilian leave. Dr. Mike is worried and she and Sully go out to look for them and find them, but not before Colleen gets sick.


  • Roman day at school - contests and day of doing things the Roman way.
  • Character Arc: Ethan Cooper, parts 3 & 4 of 6. Ethan Cooper makes his second and final appearance on the show. Ethan returns to Colorado Springs after his new wife Lillian see's a notice in the Denver Paper, and shows it to him. At first Ethan is content to allow Michaela and Sully to adopt the children. Later Dr. Mike exams Lillian at the clinic, and tells Lillian that she has no uterus. As such, Lillian cannot ever have kids. After this medical exam, Ethan changes his mind about giving up his kids for adoption as a stipulation of the will of Lillian's father said she was to have children. In the end, after some urging from Lillian, Ethan changes his mind again to leave Colleen and Brian with their adoptive parents Michaela and Sully. Brian will later write a letter to Ethan in Remember Me as a way of trying to reconnect with Ethan after Jake's father visits Colorado Springs.
  • Michaela and Ethan both decide to represent themselves at the custody trial court. After the court ruling in favor of Ethan, Brian and Colleen decide to run away to prolong being taken away from Colorado Springs. During their run away, Colleen falls into a creek, and develops pneumonia as a result.
  • Note: These two episode were aired out of order. Due to Erika Flores’s appearance in the episode Bone of Contention, these two episode take place after Bone of Contention.


  • Samantha Bing - check-up
  • Lillian Cooper - uterine agenesis (aka no uterus) (officially called Müllerian agenesis, also known as Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser syndrome (MRKH) or vaginal agenesis)
  • Colleen Cooper - pneumonia

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