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David Lewis
David Lewis
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Race: White
Occupation: Doctor
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
Husband: Michaela Quinn (Ex-Fiancée)
Production Details
Actor: Maxwell Caulfield
First Appearance: Pilot (Mentioned)
Last Appearance: Return Engagement
Episode Count: 2 Episodes

David Lewis arrived in Colorado Springs under this fake name Andrew Strauss unbeknownst to him, his former fiancée Michaela Quinn had moved there years earlier.

Season 1[]

Michaela and David had been engaged after they both graduated medical school. However David decided to join the Civil War as a doctor, and after a series of explosions he was presumed dead. He briefly lost his memory, and when he regained it, decided to stay under the alias of Andrew Strauss. Unable to return to his old life our practice medicine, he set out across America wanting to see the beauty and had to offer after dealing with so much pain and death.

Michaela thinks she recognizes David in a photo, insisting it can't be him, as he died in the civil war.

Season 2[]

Unbeknownst to David, he arrived in Colorado Springs, the small town his former fiancée Michaela Quinn had moved to two years earlier. He had been using a guide, Sully to help him find the best locations to paint. He soon realized not only was Michaela in town, but she was engaged to Sully. Michaela soon figured out who he was, and he apologized, as he could not go back to the man he used to be, then confessed he still loved her. Michaela politely turned him down, and they both returned to their previous lives.