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Andrew Cook
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Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Race: White
Occupation: Doctor
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
Wife: Colleen Cooper
Parents: Dr. Edward Cook (father)
Family: Byron Sully (father-in-law)
Dr. Michaela Quinn (mother-in-law)
Matthew Cooper (brother-in-law)
Brian Cooper (brother-in-law)
Katie Sully (sister-in-law)
Production Details
Actor: Brandon Douglas
First Appearance: When a Child Is Born
Last Appearance: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within
Episode Count: 38 episodes, 1 movie

Andrew Cook is a doctor who is from Boston, Massachusetts. After moving to Colorado Springs to help Dr. Mike at the clinic during her pregnancy with Katie, he falls in love with Dr. Mike's daughter Colleen, a doctor-in-training herself. 


  • Graduated first in his class from Harvard Medical School


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