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Dr. Michaela Quinn
Dr. Mike
Biographical Information
Nickname: Mike
Dr. Mike
Status: Alive
Race: White
Occupation: Doctor
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
Born: February 15, 1833
Age: 34-41
Husband: Byron Sully
Parents: Elizabeth Quinn(Mother)
Josef Quinn(Father)
Children: Matthew Cooper (Adopted)

Colleen Cooper (Adopted)
Brian Cooper (Adopted)
Katie Sully (Daughter)

Family: Marjorie Quinn(Sister)

Rebecca Dickinson (Sister)
Maureen Quinn (Sister)
Claudette Quinn (Sister)
Theodore Quinn (Uncle / Godfather)
Carlton Quinn † (Cousin)

Interests: David Lewis (Ex-Fiancé)
Dr. William Burke (Proposed)
Production Details
Actor: Jane Seymour
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: The Heart Within
Episode Count: 149 episodes
2 movies

'Dr. Michaela Quinn is the town doctor of Colorado Springs that had to fight for her right to be accepted as such. She's played by Jane Seymour.

Early life[]

Michaela and David Lewis had been engaged after they both graduated medical school. However David decided to join the Civil War as a doctor, and after a series of explosions was presumed dead. Michaela used her medical degree to practice alongside her father, until his sudden death. Her patients no longer wanted a lone female doctor and she soon had to close up. Wanting to continue to practice medicine she decided to accept a letter from a rural town in the middle of rural Colorado.

Season 1[]

  • Pilot - She arrives in Colorado Springs & begins to learn how to live on the frontier. She also begins to be accepted as a doctor & gains herself a family of her own. For Christmas she receives a shingle from Sully to hang on the exterior of the cabin.
  • Epidemic - She does her best to treat an influenza epidemic & becomes ill herself.
  • The Visitor - She borrows money from her mother to buy the clinic and tends to Robert E.'s burns after his forge explodes.
  • Law of the Land - Has to choose what to do when she discovers that Matthew helped Jon steal & slaughter a cow.
  • The Healing - She performs a hernia operation on Loren with Miss Olive's permission.
  • Father's Day - has to deal with the fact that she didn't save a patient because she didn't see what was ailing them & the fact that the children may be taken by their father.
  • Bad Water - goes off to prove that Clay Harding has been dumping mercury in Willow Creek.
  • The Great American Medicine Show - a medicine show comes to town promising fake cures, so she works to discredit the con man who runs it.
  • A Cowboy's Lullaby - tries to find a home for a baby that's 1/2 Indian & gets trapped by a bear. She would've kept the child, but Sully convinces the father to come back for him.
  • Running Ghost - She has to help Sully heal from his injuries after he's beaten by Rankin.
  • The Prisoner - She & Sully try their best to help Cloud Dancing escape after Custer comes to town.
  • Happy Birthday - Michaela turns 35 as her children try to set her up with various men around the town. But her biggest problem lies when she loses a patient to blood poisoning (due to a dirty razor Jake used for shaving him) that drives Jake into a spiraling alcholic depression. It is hinted in this episode that Jake might have a thing for her, but it might just be the drunkeness. She and Sully share their first kiss.
  • Rite of Passage Michaela has her first true struggle as a parent when Matthew wishes to marry Ingrid and learns to be less overprotective when he undergoes a manhood ritual.
  • Heroes
  • The Operation
  • The Secret
  • Portraits

Season 2[]

Unbeknownst to David, he arrived in Colorado Springs. He had been using a guide, Sully to help him find the best locations to paint. He soon realized not only was Michaela in town, but she was engaged to Sully. Michaela soon figured out who he was, and he apologized, as he could not go back to the man he used to be, then confessed he still loved her. Michaela politely turned him down, and they both returned to their previous lives.

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Season 6[]


Vital Information[]

  • Daughter of Josef Quinn & Elizabeth Quinn, née Weston.
  • Adoptive Mother of Matthew, Colleen, & Brian
  • Wife of Sully, virgin before.
  • Mother of Katie.
  • She was born February 15th, 1833, in Boston, the 5th and last daughter of Josef and Elizabeth Quinn.
  • She had a dream to be a doctor & attended the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania when no other schools would accept her.
  • She practiced with her father for 7 years after completing medical school before he died.
  • Before leaving for Colorado she answered an ad in The Globe asking for a town doctor.
  • Graduated from the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, class of 1860 and specialized in diagnosis.


  • "Savages don't knock, Mother." (The Visitor)
  • "Forgive me Reverend, but I thought you answered to a higher authority." (The Prisoner)"
  • "Children who are raised with respect try their best. Children who are raised with fear just try to get even." (Just One Lullaby)

Family Tree[]

Theodore Quinn
Josef Quinn
Elizabeth Quinn
Carlton Quinn †
Marjorie Quinn
Rebecca Dickinson
Maureen Quinn
Claudette Quinn
Dr. Michaela Quinn
Byron Sully
Katie Sully