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Dr. William Burke
Dr. William Burke
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Doctor
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
Interests: Dr. Michaela Quinn (Proposed)
Production Details
Actor: Edward Albert
First Appearance: Where the Heart Is
Episode Count: 2 Episodes

Dr. William Burke is one of the two physicians treating Dr. Michaela Quinn's mother, Elizabeth Quinn

Season 2[]

Dr. Burke is one of the two physicians treating Michaela's mother, Elizabeth Quinn when she arrives in Boston having traveled several days from Colorado Springs. They tell the family to prepare to say their goodbyes. Michaela, upon a quick examination of her mother, against both her own wishes and the lead doctor in the room, realizes her mother is suffering from a treatable disease that can be cured with a simple Indian tea. Tho left untreated would have also killed her. Within a month she is completely healed. During those weeks, William and Michaela traveled around to less fortunate areas of Boston treating the sick. William proposed to Michaela. Though she eventually turns him down and returns home to Colorado.