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Ethan Cooper
Ethan Cooper
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ethan Cooper
Status: Alive
Race: White
Wife: Charlotte Cooper † (deceased)
Lillian Cooper
Children: Matthew Cooper (son)
Colleen Cooper
Brian Cooper (son)
Production Details
Actor: Ben Murphy
First Appearance: Father's Day
Last Appearance: Cooper vs. Quinn
Episode Count: 3

The man that walked out on his wife Charlotte and children Matthew, Colleen, and Brian.

Vital Information[]

  • Abandoned his family
  • Attempted to steal the money raised to build Colorado Springs a schoolhouse.
  • Tried to get his children back only after learning his new wife, Lillian Cooper is unable to bear children so he can get control of her father's money.

Season 1[]

  • Father's Day Returns to Colorado Springs & says that he will take Colleen, & Brian back to San Francisco with him. Instead he attempts to steal the money for the school house & leaves without the kids.


  • "You know, for better or worse, you only get one pa." (Father's Day)

Family Tree[]

Ethan Cooper
Charlotte Cooper
Matthew Cooper
Colleen Cooper
Andrew Cook
Brian Cooper