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Season 4, Episode 8
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Air date 18 Nov 1995
Written by Sara Davidson, Andrew Lipsitz
Directed by Chuck Bowman
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Promises, Promises
One Touch of Nature

Expedition is the eighth episode of Season 4 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, the seventy-fourth episode of the series, and the eighth two hour special.

There is a part one and part 2. In part one Lauren suffer some serious health issues. And sully has to go help a friend and Dr. Quinn gets mad.

Dr. Mike decides she wants to climb Pike's Peak for her birthday...alone. Sully offers to take her, but she is determined to prove that she can use what Sully taught her to get to the top herself. When Dorothy, Grace, and Myra ask about joining, she accepts their company. However, Dorothy starts to feel the effects of the thinner air, and Myra loses most of their provisions when she falls in to a stream. Grace gets tired of unequal treatment. The others automatically relegate her to the role of cook, and although she knows the terrain better, they ignore her suggestions and follow Dr. Mike's erroneous directions which gets them lost and wastes time and energy. Dorothy, Grace, and Myra decide to go back to town, but Dr. Mike insists on pushing on. It isn't long before she takes a fall over an edge, gets hurt, and can't get up the wall by herself. Thankfully, Dorothy, Grace, and Myra have decided that turning back was the wrong decision, and so they head back up, coming to where Dr. Mike fell and getting her back up to the path. The three continue on to the top while Dr. Mike follows her own medical advice and rests before they return to town as a group.

Meanwhile, Preston tries to take advantage of Dr. Mike's absence by having a town council meeting while she's gone, intending to take over Dr. Mike's seat on the council, until Sully learns the town charter allows him to be Dr. Mike's surrogate. Preston's plan to pass a resolution allowing him to open a casino is foiled.


  • Robert E. killed his owner to escape
  • Dr. Mike begins to believe she may be barren
  • Dorothy says that Michaela and Sully have been married for six months placing the season 3 finale For Better or Worse in August. This also puts the season 4 opener A New Life possibly during the last week of August as A New Life takes place only two weeks later, or during the first week of September.
  • Arc: Pike’s Peak. Michaela’s trek up the mountain in Pike's Peace inspired her to take another climb up the mountain for her birthday. Only Dorothy, Grace, and Myra make it up to the very top of the mountain.
  • Note: According to internal dialogue from the Pilot episode, Michaela was born on February 15th making this two part episode airing out of order. This two part episode should fall after the Christmas episode Fifi's First Christmas, but before Anthony joins the show in the episode Change of Heart.


  • Dr. Mike - hurt her arm and knee

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