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Hank Lawson
Hank Lawson
Biographical Information
Real Name: Hans Lawsenstrom
Nickname: Hank
Status: Alive
Race: White
Occupation: Saloon Owner
Children: Zack Lawson (Son)
Family: Ilsa Lawsenstrom (Grandmother)
Interests: Myra Bing (Briefly)
Clarice (Briefly)
Production Details
Actor: William Shockley
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: A New Beginning
Episode Count: 120

Hank Lawson (born Hans Lawsenstrom) is the owner of the town saloon, which doubles as a brothel.

In the episode "The Secret", it is revealed that he has an illegitimate son, Zack, whose identity he kept hidden by having him live with an older woman outside of town. Hank claims the boy as his son, and sends him off to an art school after the boy shows skill at drawing, saying that he doesn't have what it takes to take care of a child. He keeps in contact with Zack after the boy leaves.

Over the course of seasons one and two, it is indicated that he has romantic feelings for Myra, one of his prostitutes. In the episode "The Man in the Moon", after Myra has ripped up her contract and made her engagement to Horace official, Hank goes on a binge, trying to drink away the loss. He trips and falls while drunk, and is knocked unconcious. When he later slips into a coma, Dr. Mike is forced to operate to releave the pressure to his brain. The operation is succesful and he wakes up.

He is played by William Shockley.

Vital Information[]

  • Hank was raised in a brothel. His mother was one of the girls who worked there.
  • He's very close to his grandmother and she was one of the few people he tried to be respectable for, along with Michaela Quinn, who he always calls by her first name.
  • Jake Slicker is his best friend.
  • Like Jake Slicker and Preston A. Lodge III, known to be racist and cold to the Indians on the reservation. Hank's was to both Native Americans and African Americans as well. However, instead of the other two, he's not racist against jews since they saved his life many years ago.
  • Father of Zack (the mother was one of the girls that worked for him.). Still keeps in contact with his son. 


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  • "Jake's yella." (Bad Water)
  • to Dr. Mike "Any man that would put up with your harping has got to be crazy." (Happy Birthday)
  • "Any man crazy enough to put on a dress needs a drink." (Ladies Night, Part 1)
  • "Whats it like to walk on water Michaela?" (The Secret)

Family Tree[]

Ilsa Lawsenstrom
Mr. Lawsenstrom †
Unnamed Whore
Hank Lawson
Zack Lawson