Hank Lawson
Biographical Information
Real Name: Hans Lawsenstrom
Race: Norwegian/American
Occupation: Owner of the saloon/brothel
Status: Alive
Origin: Colorado Springs
Family: Ilsa Lawsenstrom (Grandmother)

Zack (son)

Interests: Myra Bing (Briefly)
Production Details
First Appearance: Pilot
Actor: William Shockley

Hank Lawson (born Hans Lawsenstrom) is the owner of the town saloon/brothel. Played by William Shockley.

Vital InformationEdit

  • Father of Zack (the mother was one of the girls that worked for him. He loved her)
  • Hank was raised in a brothel. His mother was one of the girls who worked there.
  • Jake Slicker is his best friend.


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Family TreeEdit

Ilsa Lawsenstrom
Mr. Lawsenstrom †
Unnamed Whore
Hank Lawson
Zack Lawson