Hank Lawson
Biographical Information
Real Name: Hans Lawsenstrom
Race: Norwegian/American
Occupation: Owner of the saloon/brothel
Status: Alive
Origin: Colorado Springs
Family: Ilsa Lawsenstrom (Grandmother)

Zack (son)

Interests: Myra Bing (Briefly) Clarice(Briefly)
Production Details
First Appearance: Pilot
Actor: William Shockley

Hank Lawson (born Hans Lawsenstrom) is the owner of the town saloon/brothel. Played by William Shockley.

Vital InformationEdit

  • Hank was raised in a brothel. His mother was one of the girls who worked there.
  • He's very close to his grandmother and one of the few people he tried to be respectable for.
  • Jake Slicker is his best friend.
  • Like Jake Slicker and Preston A. Lodge III, both were known to be very racist and cold to the Indians on the reservation. Hank's was both to Native Americans and African Americans as well. 
  • Father of Zack (the mother was one of the girls that worked for him.). Still keeps in contact with his son. 


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  • "Jake's yella." (Bad Water)
  • to Dr. Mike "Any man that would put up with your harpin has got to be crazy." (Happy Birthday)
  • "Any man crazy enough to put on a dress needs a drink." (Ladies Night, Part 1)
  • "Whats it like to walk on water Michaela?" (The Secret)

Family TreeEdit

Ilsa Lawsenstrom
Mr. Lawsenstrom †
Unnamed Whore
Hank Lawson
Zack Lawson
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