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His Father's Son
Season 5, Episode 23
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Air date 3 May 1997
Written by Chris Abbott
Directed by James Keach
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Moment of Truth, Part 1

His Father's Son is the twenty-third episode of Season 5 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and the one hundred-sixteenth episode of the series.

Sully has been letting Dr. Mike set the rules for Brian, and now he's getting into trouble with Anthony. It takes some time, but Sully realizes that Brian both needs and wants him to act like his father.

Meanwhile, Preston has convinced the American Medical Society to have their convention at his hotel. Also, Andrew has been selling a cure-all remedy at his clinic at Preston's , and Dr. Quinn feels like Andrew is acting unethically.


  • Brian becomes jealous of Katie causing him to vie for Michaela and Sully's attention. Brian's first mistake was losing site of Katie while reading the letter he received from Ethan. Brian then incorrectly nails a fence post causing a cow to escape, and eat Michaela's garden. Later Brian and Anthony first try to start a fire with the broken end of a glass bottle next to the school building. Anthony later then grabs Grace's magnifying glass, and they both start a fire beside the General Store that grows quickly. Afterwards, they hop the train to Mannitu to get a rocking chair for a doll house. Brian gets hurt trying to hop the train back. Brian is knocked out from his fall from the train causing the search for them to last into the night.
  • Character Arc: Ethan Cooper, part 6 of 6. Although Ethan Cooper doesn’t appear in this episode, a letter and a picture that Brian receives becomes a focal point for him. Brian receives this letter and picture after he had decided to write Ethan in Remember Me. It is the short letter and picture from Ethan that causes Brian to question who is father really is, and also the reason he causes a lot of mischief.



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