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Ingrid I
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ingrid
Status: Deceased
Race: White
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
Husband: Matthew Cooper (Fiancé)
Parents: Father †
Other family: Jon (brother)

Several Sisters

Production Details
Actor: Ashley Jones (Epidemic)

Jennifer Youngs

First Appearance: Epidemic
Last Appearance: Brother's Keeper
Episode Count: 23

Ingrid is a Swedish immigrant and the fiancée of Matthew Cooper. Ingrid came to live in the small town of Colorado Springs after she and her siblings were orphaned and her brother, Jon, needed work to support them. She and her siblings live in an encampment for immigrants within the Colorado Springs town.

Ingrid becomes Dr. Mike's patient, and Matthew begins gaining affection for her, in the episode Saving Souls, when she comes to the clinic with difficulty breathing as is diagnosed with asthma. Dr. Mike treats the condition with micro doses of chloroform to relax the airways. It is an ongoing condition that presents throughout the series.

Ingrid's last appearance is in the episode Brother's Keeper, in which she dies from rabies after being bitten by Brian's dog, Pup, who became infected through a raccoon bite. On her deathbed, Ingrid regains a moment of consciousness as the disease takes affect, and she and Matthew recite their vows to one another. They never get the opportunity to properly marry.

She is interred in the cemetery beside the town church.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

  • A New Life - Ingrid finds out that she doesn’t have to stay in the house with her dad and she can go on an a adventure
  • Brother's Keeper - Ingrid falls deathly ill after she is bitten by Brian's dog, Pup, who has contracted rabies from a raccoon. She is given a funeral, leaving behind her bereaved fiancé, Matthew, and distraught family. Her younger sisters all were being raised by her.

Vital Information[]

  • From Stockholm, Sweden
  • Sister of Jon
  • Has sisters who she is raising but the Sister are never mentioned by name.
  • Ingrid wears the engagement ring Dr. Mike gave to Matthew. Dr. Mike had from her first engagement to David Lewis.
  • Recited her wedding vows to Matthew on her deathbed.