Jacob Slicker
Biographical Information
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Barber
Status: Alive
Family: Lucius Slicker (father †)
Elena/Eleanor Slicker (mother)
James "Jimmy" Slicker (brother †)
Lucinda Slicker (sister †)
Teresa Morales (wife)
Production Details
First Appearance: Pilot
Actor: Colm Meaney (pilot)
Jim Knobeloch (series)

Jacob "Jake" Slicker is the town barber who did all of the town's "doctoring" before Dr. Mike came to town.

He was played by Colm Meaney in the Pilot & by Jim Knobeloch for the rest of the series.

Vital InformationEdit

  • An alcoholic though it gets better in the later seasons.
  • He was abandoned by his mother at 7 and forced to raise his siblings until their deaths afterwards. He was later abandoned by his father.
  • Despite not liking children, he is against corporal punishment as he was beaten by his mother as a child.
  • Marries Teresa the last half of the final season.
  • Plays the concertina


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Quotes Edit

  • referring to Dr. Mike - "Don't worry. After a while nothing she does will surprise you." (Expedition)