James Keach
James Keach was born 7 Dec 1947 in Savannah, Georgia. He acts, produces, & directs. He directed several episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and played Brent Currier in the episode "Hostage".


  • Father - Walter Stacy Keach, Sr., drama coach, actor, writer, & producer
  • Mother - Mary (Pekham) Cain, actress
  • Brother - Stacy Keach, Jr, actor
  • Wife #1 - Holly Collins
  • Wife #2 - Mimi Maynard
  • Wife #3 - Jane Seymour (1993 to present)
  • Sons - Kalen (w/ Collins) John Stacy & Kristopher Steven (w/ Seymour)

Filmography (Notable)Edit

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  • Enslavement: The True Story of Fanny Kremble (2000) director
  • Walk the Line (2005) as Warden
  • Blind Dating (2006) director
  • Waiting for Forever (2010) director

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