Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Wiki
Biographical Information
Real Name: Jesse
Status: Alive
Occupation: Cow Hand
Interests: Colleen Cooper
Production Details
Actor: Casper Van Dien
First Appearance: Cattle Drive
Episode Count: 2 Episodes

Jesse was a cow hand that use to work with Olive Davis.

Season 3[]

After working years for Miss Olive Davis, Jesse and Nick are surprised when she leaves everything to her Godson Matthew, who knows nothing about cows. When the head rancher leaves them to go back to Mexico, they see their opportunity, as they are the only ones with any cow hand experience. Jesse plays up his feelings for Colleen. Later the boys create a stampede, stealing 20 cows, as well as Colleen's pocket watch she got when Miss Oliver died. They are soon found by Matthew who threatens to kill them if they ever steal from him again. He also takes back his sister's pocket watch.