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Dr. Josef Quinn
Josef Quinn
Biographical Information
Real Name: Josef Quinn
Status: Deceased
Race: White
Occupation: Doctor
Died: 1868
Wife: Elizabeth (Weston) Quinn
Children: Rebecca (Quinn) Dickinson
Marjorie Quinn
Claudette Quinn
Maureen Quinn
Family: Theodore Quinn (brother)
Carlton Quinn † (nephew)
Byron Sully (son-in-law)
Katie Sully (granddaughter)
Matthew Cooper (adoptive grandson)
Colleen Cooper (adoptive granddaughter)
Brian Cooper (adoptive grandson)
8 other grandchildren
Production Details
Actor: Uncredited Actor (Pilot)
John Clarke (Mike's Dream)
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Mike's Dream: A Christmas Tale
Episode Count: 2

A Bostonian doctor.

Vital Information[]

Season 1[]

  • Pilot He's only seen lying in his coffin, and in some photos.

Season 2[]

  • Mike's Dream: A Christmas Tale Josef Quinn is seen in the past segment of Michaela's dream. He is conferring with his staff of doctors which includes Michaela. He is also seen in the casket scene from the Pilot.
  • The First Circle Michaela reveals that Josef was an abolitionist.
  • Return Engagement Michaela, Josef's daughter, becomes engaged to Byron Sully.

Season 3[]

  • The Library The opening of the Josef Quinn Memorial Library reveals his first name, Josef. Consequently it is the same first name as the producer of the show.
  • For Better or Worse Michaela becomes married to Sully.

Season 4[]

  • Promises, Promises Dr. Mike reveals to Sully that her father one day had a cerebral hemorrhage (stroke) while he was at the family table. He was in a coma for three days before dying at the hospital.
  • When a Child Is Born Kathern "Katie" Sully, Josef's granddaughter, is born.

Season 5[]

  • Farewell Appearance Theodore, Josef's brother, visits his niece, Michaela, in Colorado Springs. Theodore blames his brother for Carlton's death, his son.
  • Moment of Truth Katie Sully, Josef's granddaughter, turns 1 year old.

Family Tree[]

Theodore Quinn
Josef Quinn
Elizabeth Quinn
Carlton Quinn †
Marjorie Quinn
Rebecca Dickinson
Maureen Quinn
Claudette Quinn
Dr. Michaela Quinn
Byron Sully
Katie Sully