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Just One Lullaby
Season 2, Episode 20
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Air date 9 Apr 1994
Written by Nancy Bond
Directed by Chuck Bowman
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The First Circle
The Abduction

Just One Lullaby is the twentieth episode of the Season 2 of Dr. Quinn,: Medicine Woman, and the thirty-seventh episode of the series.

Louise Chambers, a former girlfriend of the Reverend, comes to town as the new school teacher. She's befriended by Dr. Mike, until several of her students come to the clinic and Dr. Mike suspects Louise is abusing the students, a suspicion that's confirmed after Brian is one of the students hit. Dr. Mike tries to protect the kids from further abuse, but Louise is too closed-minded to even consider an alternative.

Meanwhile, the Reverend intends to marry Louise, until he finds out how she disciplines. Then he has to decide between her, and his responsibility to lead the town toward a more ethical stance.


  • Louise is from someplace in the East.
  • Jake reveals that his mother was abusive to him when he was a kid. Whenever she got angry, she would use a barber's leather belt used for sharpening barbers blades both before, and after he returned from school. Jake said it was hung near the front door. Jake also reveals to Loren that although he may have shooed kids away from business, he has never hit any child even with his broom.
  • The Reverend decides to leave the town meeting early before the town vote on corporal punishment in school. He believes that since he doesn't have any kids that he doesn't have a right about the use of corporal punishment in school.


  • Benjamin Avery - bruised knuckles
  • Becky - red, inflamed ear from being pulled by the ear
  • Lewis Bing - pulled by the arm
  • Brian Cooper - lashes on the legs
  • Steven - grabbed by the arm and shook hard
  • Louise Chambers - after Benjamin Avery beats her up at the school

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