Loren Bray
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Biographical Information
Occupation: Owner of the general store
Status: Alive
Origin: Colorado Springs
Wife: Maude Bray

Partner: Marjorie Quinn

Family: Olive Davis † (Sister)

Byron Sully (son-in-law)

Children: Abagail Sully † (Daughter)

[Hanna Sully]] † (Granddaughter)

Production Details
First Appearance: Pilot
Actor: Guy Boyd (pilot)
Orson Bean (series)

Owner of the general store. Played by Guy Boyd in the Pilot & by Orson Bean for the rest of the series.

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Quotes Edit

  • "What she doesn't know, won't hurt us." (The Train) after being asked by Jake if they should tell Dr. Mike their plan

Family TreeEdit

Mr. Bray †
Mrs. Bray †
Mother †
Father †
Olive Davis
Loren Bray
Maude Bray
Dorothy Jennings
Marcus Jennings †
Abagail Sully
Byron Sully
Hanna Sully
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