Marjorie Ann Quinn
Marjorie Quinn (1)
Biographical Information
Race: Caucasian
Status: Deceased
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
Husband: Everett (divorced)

Partner: Loren Bray

Parents: Elizabeth Quinn(Mother)

Josef Quinn(Father)

Family: Rebecca Dickinson (sister)

Maureen Quinn (sister)
Claudette Quinn (sister)
Michaela Quinn (sister)
Theodore Quinn (uncle)
Carlton Quinn † (cousin)
Matthew Cooper (nephew)
Colleen Cooper (niece)
Brian Cooper (nephew
Katie Sully (niece)

Production Details
First Appearance: Where the Heart Is
Actor: Alley Mills

Marjorie Ann Quinn (1829-1872) is the daughter of Josef and Elizabeth Quinn and the sister of Rebecca, Maureen, Claudette and Michaela.


Family TreeEdit

Theodore Quinn
Josef Quinn
Elizabeth Quinn
Carlton Quinn †
Marjorie Quinn
Rebecca Dickinson
Maureen Quinn
Claudette Quinn
Dr. Michaela Quinn
Byron Sully
Katie Sully
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