Olive Davis
Biographical Information
Race: Caucasian
Status: Deceased
Family: Loren Bray (brother)
Maude Bray (sister-in-law †)
Abagail Sully (niece †)
Production Details
First Appearance: Epidemic
Actor: Gail Strickland

Olive Davis is Loren Bray's sister. She ran a ranch & helped Loren at the General Store. She also backed Grace to help her get The Cafe started.

Played by Gail Strickland.

Vital InformationEdit

Season 1Edit


Family TreeEdit

Mr. Bray †
Mrs. Bray †
Mother †
Father †
Olive Davis
Loren Bray
Maude Bray
Dorothy Jennings
Marcus Jennings †
Abagail Sully
Byron Sully
Hanna Sully