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Promises, Promises
Season 4, Episode 7
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Air date 11 Nov 1995
Written by Kathryn Ford
Directed by Jerry Jameson
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Promises, Promises is the seventh episode of the the Season 4  of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and the seventy-third episode of the series. In this episode, Loren proposes to Dorothy and Sully receives a letter from an old friend asking for help.

With the help of Colleen and Brian, Loren has set up a special surprise for Dorothy. He takes her to a house where a beautiful table for lunch is set on the porch of a house he plans to buy for her so she can have a quiet place to write. That's not his only surprise he has for her. He also wants to marry her! Giving her 24 hours to think about it, Dorothy confides in Dr. Mike about whether or not she should accept the offer. While she expresses love for him, it's not the same sort of romantic love, the spark she felt for her late husband. Before she gives him an answer, he suffers a stroke that leaves him in a coma. Dorothy promises to marry Loren if he will awake from his coma.

Meanwhile, a letter arrives in the post for Sully from a "D.S." that's scented with lilac water and written in a feminine script on purple paper. Dr. Mike's jealousy takes hold as she tries to figure out the identity of the mystery writer. When she gives the letter to Sully, he tells her D.S. is Daniel, the man who dug him out of the near-fatal mining cave-in, and the reason for the letter being effeminate is that a woman wrote it for his illiterate friend. Daniel is asking Sully to come to Nevada to help him in the gold fields. Sully feels obligated to go as he promised Daniel he would always help him as he owes his life to him. Even after learning about Sully's promise, Dr. Mike gets angry that he wants to "leave his family," and she insists Sully not go. He tells her it is a matter of keeping his word to be there for his friend as his friend was there for him.

Despite Dorothy's efforts to care for Loren and help him rejoin friends after waking from his coma, Loren stubbornly refuses her her and even makes a scene at Grace's café. He tries to commit suicide with a revolver in his store, but it unwittingly stopped by Brian barging in. Dr. Mike discovers the bullets and talks Loren into not killing himself, for Brian's sake.

Loren ultimately withdraws his proposal to Dorothy. Sully and Dr. Mike resolve their argument, and he boards the train for Nevada to help his friend.


  • The man who saved Sully's life when he was trapped in a mining cave-in is named Daniel S.
  • Loren proposes to Dorothy.
  • Dr. Mike's father died after having a cerebral hemorrhage (stroke).
  • Loren contemplates suicide.


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