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Remember Me
Season 5, Episode 8
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Air date 9 Nov 1996
Written by Steven Baum
Directed by Alan J. Levi
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Remember Me is the eighth episode of Season 5 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and the one hundred-first episode of the series.

Lucius Slicker, Jake's father, comes into town, and is recognized by Jake after a haircut and shave. Dr. Mike tries to reunite the two of them before Lucius dies.

Lucius claims he doesn't remember Jake, but Jake is sure he's faking the memory loss. However, Dr. Mike sees signs of senile dementia. Seeing how Jake is feeling hurt, reminds Brian and Matthew of how their own father deserted them, just like Jake's did.

While he's in town, Lucius shows off a gold nugget he found. This results in the town looking for gold, and Horace believing that if he can get rich, he'll get Myra back.


  • Jake's full first name is Jacob. His family used to have a barber shop in Pittsburg, and his mother left when he was 7. Jake has two younger siblings, Jim and Lucinda, who were barely out of diapers when their mother left. When Lucius is dying, he mistakes Brian for Jake, and tells him he is sorry that he left, and wasn't the kind of father he needed. Lucius also tells Brian that he wants to be buried by his mule Penelope.
  • Character Arc: Ethan Cooper, part 5 of 6. After learning that Lucius is Jake's father, Brian decides to write Ethan a letter who resides in San Francisco with Lillian. After a lot of encouragement from Brian, Matthew ask Brian to say "hello" from him to Ethan. Brian will receive a return letter, and picture from Ethan in His Father's Son. Ethan had previously returned to Colorado Springs in Cooper vs. Quinn.


  • Lucius Slicker - dementia and dehydration. Also he has a rupture of the heart which puts him in a coma

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