Timothy Johnson
Biographical Information
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Reverend
Status: Alive
Family: Caleb Johnson (younger brother)
Production Details
First Appearance: Pilot
Actor: Geoffrey Lower

The town Reverend. He doesn't always want to get involved in things. Was once a heavy gambler and card shark before being saved and becoming a reverend. Appeared fond of Dr. Mike in the earliest seasons, and eventually proposes to her partially in an attempt to help the orphans from the orphan train. Was reunited with an old flame in season 2 episode Just One Lullaby when she is hired as the new school teacher, and they become engaged soon afterwards. Upon learning that she is physically abusing the school children, he breaks it off and she leaves town.

Played by Geoffrey Lower.

Vital InformationEdit

  • He does his best to stay neutral on all issues
  • A former swindler who set people up to win in poker, then stole their winnings from them
  • Has only had one reciprocated love interest, Louise Chambers, whom he proposed to, then left upon learning she didn't want her own children.
  • Went blind in the episode Season of Miracles.


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