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Safe Passage
Season 6, Episode 11
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Air date 13 Dec 1997
Written by Eric Tuchman
Directed by Steve Dubin
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Safe Passage is the eleventh episode of Season 6 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and the one hundred twenty-ninth episode of the series.

Major Samuel Morrison is notorious for hating Indians. Dr. Mike has the task of negotiating with him, on behalf of Black Moon, a peace treaty between the Army and the Indians. Because he's dying of consumption. Black Moon agrees to surrender himself if his braves are allowed safe passage to Indian Territory. With Sgt. McKay's help, Dr. Mike gets a peace treaty allowing the safe passage Black Moon demanded, ...... and a pardon for Sully, putting an official end date on his time spent in hiding. Welland Smith signs on behalf of President Grant. However, when Major Morrison orders the troops to ambush the Indians in violation of the signed accord, Sgt. McKay refuses to follow the illegal order and is taken into custody and placed into a tent with Black Moon. He sees that Black Moon is sick, but helps him hide it. Cloud Dancing overhears the major's plans and alerts Sully and Michaela. Sully and Cloud Dancing try to stop Morrison, while Michaela rides to bring Welland Smith back. Morrison is about to murder Sully and Cloud Dancing when they try to stop the planned massacre, saying no one will mourn the loss of two known Indian sympathizers. Daniel, Michaela, and Welland Smith arrive just in time, providing 3 more witnesses. Smith orders Morrison arrested by Daniel and escorts the Indians to ensure their safety. Sully and Michaela go with him.


  • Story Arc: The Separation, part 14 of 16. A treaty is signed between the Army and the Dog Soldiers. Major Morrison represents the Army, and Dr. Mike represents Black Moon and his braves. Welland Smith acts as President Grant’s government official and mediator for Major Morrison and Dr. Mike. Sgt. McKay is later arrested when he refuses to lead him men into a massacre of the Indians peacefully heading north, and then released after Maj. Morrison is arrested for mutiny. Dr. Mike also helps Black Moon hide his symptoms of consumption (tuberculosis), and secures a Presidental pardon for Sully.
  • Story Arc: Grace and Robert E.’s Grief, part 4 of 7.
  • Character Arc: Sgt. McKay, part 6 of 6.
  • Character Arc: Daniel Simon, part 11 of 15.
  • Second season 6 episode set in winter.


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