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Samantha Bing
[[Image:Samantha Bing|center|250px]]
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Race: White
Age: 5
Parents: Horace Bing (Father)
Myra Bing (Mother)
Production Details
Actor: Holliston Coleman (Before the Dawn)
First Appearance: Pike's Peace
Last Appearance: Before the Dawn

Samantha Bing is the daughter of Horace Bing and Myra Bing.

She was born in the Season 3, Episode 15 Pike's Peace. In that episode, a teacher from Vermont, Samantha "Sam" Lindsey, arrives in Colorado Springs to climb Pike's Pike. Dr. Mike follows after Sam Lindsey when she learns she headed up the mountain alone, only to discover that Sam has leukemia and intended to die on the mountain. It is likely that Samantha Bing was named for Dr. Mike's new friend Sam after her emotional death.

Samantha Bing's birth is also the first time Colleen delivers a baby without the assistance of Dr. Mike.


Family Tree[]

Mr. Bing †
Mrs. Bing
Horace Bing
Myra Bing
Unnamed Brother
Samantha Bing
Lewis Bing