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Sister Ruth
Sister Ruth
Biographical Information
Status: Unknown
Race: White
Occupation: Nun
Husband: Kid Cole
Production Details
Actor: June Carter Cash
First Appearance: Saving Souls
Last Appearance: The Most Fatal Disease
Episode Count: 3

Season 2[]

Sister Ruth comes to town and clashes with Dr. Mike over how to treat Kid Cole's consumption.

Season 3[]

Dr. Mike and Sully are leaving Denver after purchasing medical supplies and supplies for the new house. They meet newly married Kid Cole and Ruth just before getting on the stagecoach home. Dr. Mike and Sully invite them to spend Thanksgiving, and they accept. Unfortunately, the stagecoach is robbed en route and they have to find another way home after they get to the nearest waystation.

Kid Cole and Ruth return to town escorting mail-order brides to California. It doesn't take long for the tension between the two of them are become apparent. Dr. Mike learns Kid Cole is terminally ill and is trying to make it so Ruth doesn't feel like she has to take care of him.


  • Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash are married in real life as well.