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The Train
Season 3, Episode 1
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Air date 24 Sep 1994
Written by Josef Anderson
Directed by Jerome R. London
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Return Engagement
Fathers and Sons

The Train is the first episode of Season 3 of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and the forty-second episode of the series.

Dr. Mike and most of the others in town look forward to the advantages of having the railroad come to town. However, Sully and the Cheyenne are among the ones who don't. Leaving Dr. Mike and Sully looking for a compromise.

In order to convince the railroad developers to run the line to Colorado Springs, Loren and Jake set out to convince them that Colorado Springs has more amenities then it really does, getting Brian to tell them what Boston has that Colorado Springs doesn't to decide what signs to make and put up on buildings.

Meanwhile, Colleen becomes friends with Peter, one of the Chinese railroad workers, who, along with the rest of the Chinese working on the railroad, is shown discrimination and violence while in town.


  • In China, men change their name when they become of age, and other significant life changes.
  • A hawk means bad fortune to the Cheyenne. Cloud Dancing tells Michaela in the season 2 finale Return Engagement "he sees this love (Sully's and Michaela's), but also sees difficulty. Spirits showed me in a dream that a hawk was carrying you (Michaela) off. This hawk was carrying you away from Sully." Cloud Dancing again reiterates to Sully and Michaela in this episode, the season 3 opener, that he (Clouding Dancing) "believes something will separate Michaela and Sully. An illness, journey, death." Everything that Cloud Dancing speaks of comes true in the "Separation" arc that starts with the season 5 finale two-parter Moment of Truth. It will continue for the first half of season 6. A diphtheria epidemic (illness) strikes the town, and many townspeople die (death) in the two-parter A Time to Heal. Townspeople, Soldiers, and Indians also die (death) during the months long arc. Sully must hide in the woods, specifically the cave, around Colorado Springs (journey) for many months. The separation ends in Safe Passage.
  • First appearance of Jackson Tate and Peter. Jackson Tate is the chief surveyor for the Kansas Pacific Railroad, and the adopted father to Peter. Mr. Tate says he bases his decision on two factors, "is the town beneficial for the railroad, and is the railroad beneficial for the town?" Dr. Mike's honesty, and her treatment of Peter sways his decision to have the Denver and Rio Grande Trains travel south to Colorado Springs instead of Soda Springs. Jackson Tate says that the committee of the Kansas Pacific Railroad usually acts on his recommendation. Jackson Tate and Peter return in Things My Father Never Taught Me.
  • Dr. Mike mentions that there is a doctor in Soda Springs, but Mr. Tate says that the doctor in Soda Springs doesn't treat "Chinamen." The Reverend mentions in Sully's Choice that there isn't a doctor in Soda Springs. By the time of The Train, the town of Soda Springs has gained a doctor. Peter's father saved the life of Jackson Tate, and Peter mentions that his father died in Petersburg so he decides to call himself "Peter." Colleen and Peter form a friendship, and diagnosis him with malaria marking Colleen's first diagnosis. Peter became ill with malaria from the swamps in New Orleans.


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