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Theodore Quinn
Biographical Information
Nickname: Uncle Teddy (Dr. Mike & Brian only)
Status: Alive
Race: White
Occupation: Musician
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
Children: Carlton Quinn † (son)
Family: Josef Quinn † (brother)
Elizabeth Quinn † (sister-in-law)
Rebecca Quinn (niece)
Marjorie Quinn † (niece)
Claudette Quinn (niece)
Maureen Quinn (niece)
Michaela Quinn (niece/goddaughter)
Production Details
Actor: David Ogden Stiers
First Appearance: Farewell Appearance
Last Appearance: Farewell Appearance
Episode Count: 1

Theodore Quinn is the uncle of Dr. Mike, as well as her godfather.

Family Tree[]

Theodore Quinn
Josef Quinn
Elizabeth Quinn
Carlton Quinn †
Marjorie Quinn
Rebecca Dickinson
Maureen Quinn
Claudette Quinn
Dr. Michaela Quinn
Byron Sully
Katie Sully