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Tom Jennings
Tom Jennings
Biographical Information
Nickname: Tommy
Status: Alive
Race: White
Parents: Dorothy Jennings (Mother)
Marcus Jennings(Father)
Other family: Unnamed Sister
Loren Bray
Production Details
Actor: Matt Letscher
First Appearance: Life and Death
Episode Count: 1

Tom Jennings is the only son of Dorothy and Marcus Jennings.

Season 2[]

Tom arrived in Colorado Springs to find his mother there after she had left his father. Dorothy is happy to see him and he informs her, he now goes by Tom instead of Tommy. He brings up his old war injury and she insists he go see the new doctor in town, Dr. Mike. Instead of giving him the usual, Michaela decides to treat him with a bit of morphine. Unbeknownst to her, he is already addicted to painkillers and this is a new high for him. Mike soon realizes his drug seeking behavior and denies him more medication much to Dorothy's annoyance. After trying to break into the doctor's homestead, he robs his uncle Bray’s shop and leaves town.

Family Tree[]

Mr. Bray †
Mrs. Bray †
Mother †
Father †
Olive Davis
Loren Bray
Maude Bray
Dorothy Jennings
Marcus Jennings
Abagail Sully
Byron Sully
Hanna Sully
Tom Jennings